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“When corruption favours Christians, they call it grace” — Daddy Freeze

 Popular media personality, Daddy Freeze has stirred a debate on social media after he opined that when Christians benefit from corruption, they call it “grace”.

Daddy Freeze

The leader of the Free the sheeple movement took to his Instagram page to share this opinion, while noting that many Christians are not ready for the conversation.

He wrote, “When corruption favours Christians they call it Grace”

See his post below,

Daddy Freeze

Freeze’s post has been with mixed reactions from netizens with some agreeing with his line of thought, while others countered his opinion with strong arguments.

See some reactions below,

official_bobby_fredrick wrote, “People do not dislike corruption,they only angry that is not favoring them that’s all”

miz_josepha wrote, “Grace mean unmerited favour
I’m happy it looks like corruption favour to you (good or bad people are to be a blessing to you)
God was specific when he said all things work together for you good.”

wisdomcousellin wrote, “Moral Lesson: Christians are favoured by God and when God favours a person even his enemies are at peace with the person. Even Jesus increased in wisdom (in broad and full understanding) and in stature and years, and in favor with God and man.”

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