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Man who lost his job and got dumped by girlfriend because he couldn’t keep up paying her school fees, accepts her back after he starts making more money

 In a rather surprising twist of events, a man took back his girlfriend who had dumped him after he lost his job and was unable to keep up with catering for her financial needs.

A Twitter user who claimed to be a friend of the said man, shared the story which has taken quite a lot of people by surprise on the social networking platform.

According to the user, the friend used to pay his girlfriend’s school feels but after he lost his job and couldn’t pay anymore, she broke up with him.

The tweep with username @day_veed revealed that he introduced his heartbroken friend to a new business and shortly after he started making money, the girl returned to him and he accepted her back.

@day_veed wrote,

”A friend of mine used to pay his gf’s school fees & I really warned him to be sure he’s not making a mistake.

Bro lost his job & she left him. I introduced him to affiliate marketing and he started getting the bag again, now she’s back & he accept am, I wan deck him papa walahi.”

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