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SQUID GAME!! 7 Reasons To Prove No 456 Is Actually A Bad Person Even Than 218


Reading this with me would make you agree that 456 is actually a bad person with good PR

Squid Game is a beautiful horror movie.

It shows you what people will do when pushed to the wall.

Yes, 218 was worse than 456, but let’s not be on any kind of delusions to think 456 was himself a good man. He was NOT.

To me, 456 was NOT a good guy.
He is a shit guy with good PR.

Number 1

Every one of them that willingly went back to the camp to continue the SECOND time after seeing people slaughtered by the trafficked doll is definitely not a “good” person.

You knew the game continuing means more people dying. But you went back anyway.

Number 2

During the marbles game with the old man, 456 took advantage of the man’s mental decline and tricked the man.

He knew the implication of tricking the man of his marbles was that the man will get shot in the head and be killed.

But he did it anyway.
That’s NOT a good person.

Number 3

During the final round, at night while 218 was asleep, 456 took a knife and was ready to kill him. If not for 67 that stopped him.

A sleeping man who posed zero threat. Yet 456 took a knife to slaughter him.

Again, that is not a “good person”.
That’s a really shitty man.

Number 4

For you to willingly go back to play such a game at the cost of human lives just for money- already shows you are shit. If we can agree on that, then the whole narrative of 456 being such a “saint” flies out the window.

Number 5

If anybody was a “good person” on the series, it’s the lady who sacrificed herself for 67.

She heard 67 stories, she thought hard about her life that she really has nothing to live for and took the bullet so 67 can make her family smile.

If anyone was a “saint”, it’s that lady.

Number 6

What 218 did to Ali was exactly what 456 did to 001 at Game of Marbles.

Both cheated their opponents and didn’t care that the cheating will lead to the killing of the people they cheated.

But 218 was cold-hearted with his while 456 fooled the gullible audience with his sad face.

Number 7

The 456 guy is probably more deadly than anybody else.

But because he had babyface, does sad face, “showed empathy” and cried a lot of times, many gullible people got carried away from the fact that this is a very calculating, smart, greedy, shitty human at the end of the day.

Credit: Twitter @DrOlufunmilayo

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